Do it yourself Maracas

Great Kids' activity
Do it yourself Maracas

Wondering what to do with so many Easter plastic eggs? We have a great idea, kids of all ages will love. DIY egg maracas, the best part of the activity is you will not need to many materials, you have already a lot of the most important: Plastic Eggs.


Plastic Eggs
Plastic Spoons
Grains (Popcorn Kernels, beans or lentils)


  1. Fill Egg with grain of your choice.
    Filling your eggfs with different grains each will create a nice variety of different sounds.
  2. Cradle egg between spoons
  3. Tape spoons to sides of egg.

Masking tape works the best since you will be able to decorate as you wish. Or get some funny colored/pattern tape to decorate.

  1. Tape end of spoons together
  2. Decorate with markers ( preferably use permanent markets)
  3. The best part: SHAKE!!!!


Have fun and share your pictures with us!