Spanish Resources

For home.

Learning a language is not an easy task, however kids are little sponges that absorb fast what is given to them through play. To help your kids with their Language acquisition, immersion is very important, not only at school but also at home. Here you will find some resources to help your child practice the Spanish language at home, as well as some essential preschool skills.

Remember this aren’t “homework”, these are other playing activities they can enjoy with you, siblings and other family members.

Please start your activities by telling them: “We are going to play….” “Vamos a jugar….”

Loteria en Español Michuchutren

Download a printable version of our Spanish lottery to practice vowels and letters of the Spanish alphabet.

Other Resources for Home

Educational videos

We’ve selected some videos in Spanish for you and your child to practice different themes and have some fun. We have them in our YouTube channel. Playlists have been created by theme and we have also added a couple of TV series.


Sing along and dance with your child at home. Practice our songs and learn the lyrics together.

Tradiciones Hispanas: Dia de Reyes

Around this time of year, it is great to celebrate the traditions that we hold dear to our hearts but it can also be fun to learn a little about how other countries celebrate the holidays. Some Hispanic cultures celebrate what is known as Dia de Reyes or The Three wise men day.

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Kindergarten Readiness

The necessary skills to succeed ( and I am not talking just for kindergarten) are the ones that allow them to empathize with peers and teachers, to communicate what they feel and think and their curiosity to learn.

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