Our 4 in 1 Methodology

A creative enriched education approach.

Educate before instructing.

The human requires intellectual development as much as a solid physical, emotional and moral training. Our pedagogy faces this beautiful task, supported upon four but not only, primary pillars of these Methodologies. From the Montessori Methodology, we cling to his apostolate –The kid must be educated with full respect for his freedom and its infinite resources-, developing the child’s autonomy, allowing them to do without controlling but supporting them in case is necesarry.

From Rudolf Steiner Waldorf methodology, we have taken their love of simple life and simple things, the importance given to Creative processes, to play as primary task of the child, and the study of the being as a whole. – Creative play awakens and guides the power of imagination. The natural sense of wonder and curiosity of children, if allowed to grow, becomes interest and enthusiasm for the lifetime.

We believe in Howard Gardner’s theory about multiple intelligences and the importance of understanding that every one has different ways of learning. As he said “Anything that is worth teaching can be presented in many different ways.”

The fourth  pillar is Yans methodology from Albert Yans, from which we take: “Knowledge is seen, heard, felt, tasted and smelled”.The senses are 5 and from all we should know. From YANS method we also work in different ways of communication: Transpersonal, Intrapersonal and Interpersonal, to be able to understand deeply the world inside each child.

With these four pillars we have developed the methodology for our program “Mi Chu Chu Tren” and use it together with the biggest engine that makes everything better, LOVE, without it, life has no meaning, with it, life is marvelous.

Mi Chu Chu Tren’s methodology is based on the discipline of trust, in respect of the child’s expectations (not those of their teachers), where through free play but organized to accomplish some goals, the child have fun learning, providing security, self-esteem and self confidence to socialize with their environment.

Music is one of our biggest Communication channel. Through it, we are able to get to the child’s inner feelings and make their emotions flow naturally. We use Visual Arts such as painting, sculpture, design and even architecture to show a world of fantasy and reality. Projects are focused to develop inner skills and to nurture their desire of self-improvement and cooperation. We optimize early brain and Motor development through Movement, allowing time to dance, following basic gross-motor activities that involve postural control, coordination of movements, and locomotion

The philosophy is to make them happy children able to socialize, accepting themselves as they are, special beings, with immense potential to give and receive. We are aware of the enormous responsibility in our hands, but that is what motivates us to make of them, happy, wonderful children, wanting to give the best of them.

Respect, discipline, confidence, love for perseverance and effort, are present in each of the activities performed at each stage of the child’s development, making them independent, capable of taking responsibility for their actions, knowing that every action has a reaction. We accompany them during the process of discovering their spontaneity, learning to make decisions, knowing that freedom reaches where the freedom of others begins Same respect that will allow them to socialize and interact in a heterogeneous world learning to adapt to unfamiliar situations. Achieving these objectives will be the result of their engagement with each of our experiences where they will have fun through play, music, movement, art, mathematics and languages.

The happiness of children is our greatest wish while fun leads them to LOVE SPANISH.

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Our Four Pillars

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