Mi Chu Chu Tren-Spanish immersion programs for all ages

Love Spanish and have fun.

All our classes and special programs have been carefully designed following our 4 in 1 methodoly. Our unique educational adventures make learning Spanish and Hispanic culture easy and fun.

Chiquitines (Mommy and Me)
18 months to 3 years old
Length: 45 minutes

Our program for ‘Chiquitines’ is a great start for every kid. By the hand of their loved ones (mommy, grandma, caregiver), they will develop their love for Spanish. We will expose them 100% to the language and open their minds through what they love most: Play. We use music experiences, storytelling, role play, art projects and much more to arouse their natural curiosity for learning. Self-creativeness, imagination and lots of fun is our main goal.
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Extended Spanish Immersion
2.5 to 5 years old

We have created an environment where children can learn daily activities and life skills while learning a second language, 100% exposed to Spanish. We know kids are natural born learners, we give them the tools and space for them to explore and fulfill their curiosity through hands-on- projects.projects. Our curriculum develops the fundamental cognitive skills they will need for Kindergarten but we focus our hearts to teach them non-cognitive skills like perseverance, character, self-creativeness, trust and respect, which we believe are the key for their personal success. Learn More

3 to 5 years old
Length: 1 hour

Entering the preschool years is another world. Why, Becomes their favorite word and we certainly take advantage of that. Aboard Mi chu chu tren and fully immersed in Spanish, we encourage every child to use their imaginations and curiosity to learn the language. Every class includes a themed hands-on-project, reading time, A healthy dose of movement and lots of music that will expose them to a great Spanish vocabulary while they become familiar with more complex aspects of the language engaging in adventures with friends and teachers. We provide the environment for them to just Love Spanish!

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Grandes Aventureros (Great adventurers)
Adults and Seniors

If you want to spend great time while traveling through different Latin American cultures, getting to know their customs and culture while learning their language, you have found the right place to be: Mi Chu Chu Tren. The most enjoyable class, full of adventures and immersed 100% in Spanish, where you will be able to live daily activities that would happen if you traveled abroad, like going to a hotel, eating in a restaurant, shopping and banking, among others. You will see, you will learn Spanish without even noticing, immersed in adventures you will never forget.

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We fill their summer with creative learning activities, focusing in what children enjoy while immersing them in a 100% Spanish environment to instill on them real passion for the Spanish language. Through real-world experiences they’ll enjoy learning through play.

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