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Highly motivated and passionate about spreading the beauty of Spanish and Hispanic culture

Our Methodology

Human centered designed, our methodology is a holistic approach in the process of education.

Why Spanish?

The beauties of the Spanish Language.

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Do you have some questions about Mi Chu Chu tren?

Why should I choose Mi Chu Chu Tren?

Mi Chu Chu Tren is a program created centered in the student’s needs. We are a group of professionals, passionate for the Spanish language willing to instill that passion to others. We’ve used creative methodologies to bring to you a new curriculum based on the education for the 21st century. Our programs are a combination of activities (music, art, play-role, movement) that creates a total immersion experience, because a second language needs to become part of your daily life.

Do I need to know Spanish?

No prior exposure or knowledge of Spanish is required. We assume children coming to our class are being exposed to Spanish immersion for the first time. However, we welcome and encourage children who have some prior knowledge of Spanish – it is a wonderful opportunity to practice and learn in a nurture environment different from home.

Where are you located?

We actually provide our classes at Community Centers. Our two actual locations are Sherwood Community Center at Fairfax City and Fairlington at Arlington County. Both locations provide a great nurturing environment with lighted rooms, clean areas, nearby parks and all the support of each Community center’s staff.

What is a multilevel class?

Our program is designed specially to reach students in multilevel classes since we have different ages in each class as well as different knowledge level of the language. Our teachers

establish a one-o-one relation with each student and presents every activity in a differetn way to each of them. They also know how to establish work climate which encourages students to help one another, developing the ability of cooperation and no competition between kids.

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