Spanish language Immersion programs created to learn the language in a meaningful, real-world way, through culture, art and music.

Spanish language classes in Northern Virginia

Immersion for Preschoolers

Half Day programs  that prepares your Pre-K child for school and life. (3-day or 2-day per week)

Spanish language classes in the Northern Virginia area

Classes For Infants and Kids.

Classes for kids 18 months to 5 years old.

Seniors adventures

Spanish in a real-world way adventures.

Spanish language classes in the Northern Virginia area

Our Approach

We combine the 4 pillars of education methodologies to our teaching: Montessori, Waldorf, Gardner and Yans. Learn More.

Mi chu chu Tren has been created to instill passion for the Spanish Language. We offer Spanish Language Immersion programs. Once you are aboard we provide a planned cycle of experiences to inspire our students to love the Spanish language. Every program is taught so they can learn through  “the natural way”, exposing them to the language through culture, music, art, movement, play and creative activities. We work hard to engage our students and enable their curiosity,  so they want and be able to learn. Our motto is “Pasion por el Español” – Passion for Spanish.

All classes are guided by native speakers who will only speak Spanish. Classes are given in small groups with age appropriate activities, allowing our teachers to track each ones progress individually. Previous exposure to the language is not required.

We follow a Full Academic Year registration to ensure progress through continuity, as consistency is key in the process of learning a language.
We have immersion programs for all ages:

Chiquitines  (Parents and Child): Children 18 months to 3 years old.
Exploradores (Preschool age): Children 3 to 5
Grandes Aventureros (Adults and Seniors): 18 and up. 
Spanish immersion for preschoolers: Ages 2.5 to 5 years old. Three and two day half day program

Learn more about each program here

Each class is unique. Lots of activities and creative content keep my daughter and myself totally involved. We love it!

Hugo (Sofia)

My son is learning Spanish in an environment that is also helping him learn to socialize with friends and help to prepare him for kindergarten

Preschooler Immersion's Mom

Both Grandma and Natalie LOVE your class.  Thank you sooooo much. 

Patricia (Natalie and Naomi)

My child loves Mrs. Pilar and Mr. Andres. He views them as another friend and looks forward to class each week.

Preschooler Immersion's Mom

My kids and I absolutely LOVE your class!!!  We downloaded the Mi Chu Chu Tren music from iTunes, and the kids sing the songs all the time

Michelle (Mae & Holden)

Such a lovely preschool. Prepared my grandson so well for Kindergarten. He loved his years here.

Elena James